Lead Pharma specializes in small molecule drugs for cancer and autoimmune diseases. Specifically, the company works on drug targets which are particularly difficult to address, for example nuclear receptors.

The company is building a highly attractive pipeline in these indication areas and currently has three key programs in development:

  • novel inhibitors of RORyt, one of the most promising immunology targets

  • small molecule drugs targeting estrogen-related receptor α (ERRα), a key regulator of energy metabolism

  • LXR agonists, critical for cholesterol metabolism and (reverse) transport, lipogenesis, glucose homeostasis, inflammation and innate immunity

Lead Pharma is validating a small number of innovative and established targets and biological mechanisms to augment its current pipeline of drug targets.

Lead Pharma´s approach has been validated by a partnership with Sanofi covering the entire lead program RORyt.

The company expects to close one or two additional development partnerships for its programs with pharma companies. In addition, Lead Pharma aims to retain the full rights for at least one program up to the availability of Phase II proof-of-concept data.

In parallel, Lead Pharma is building an attractive case for a potential IPO or M&A transaction from 2017 onwards.